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Secretarial Audit and Due Diligence (CS Professional)

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PART-A                       SECRETARIAL AUDIT                      25 MARKS

Secretarial Audit

Checklist – Secretarial Audit

National Company Law Tribunal

National Company Law Tribunal Rules 2016

d Secretarial Standards

Fema And Due Diligence

(Ecb) External Commercial Borrowings And Due Diligence 

Buy Back Of Shares And Due Diligence

Corporate Social Responsibility

Board Responsibility, Charter And Process


Basic Concepts

Due-Diligence An Introduction


Due-Diligence And Issue Of Securities (Icdr- 2018

Alteration Of Objects By Listed Company

Listing Regulations 2015 (Lodr 2015)3

Due-Diligence And Debt Instruments

Due-Diligence And Adr/Gdr

Due-Diligence And Idr

Legal Due-Diligence

Search And Status Report

Compliance Management

Due-Diligence And Merger/Takeover

Environment Due-Diligence

Overview Of Enviormental Laws

Due-Diligence And Competition Laws

Due-Diligence For Banks

Case Studies





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