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  • We provide the most detailed content in entire India सब बोलते हैं हम बेस्ट हैं but only be prove why we are no. 1.
  • We provide 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our classes you can take your fee back.
  • Thousands of students have qualified as CS from are Institute.
  • We covered 100% ICSI Module & Scanners and conduct test after every chapter.
  • We teach word by word from bare act so that students can understand how to interpret from Bare Act.
  • We prepare students for industry. याद रखना knowledge कम रह गई तो paper तो pass ho jaega but life में फेल हो जाओगे।
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CS ANOOP JAIN is expert and renowned faculty for ALL law papers in CS EDUCATION having experience of more than 15 years.

He is author of many popular and best selling law books.

Every second student of CS EXAMS refer his books or classes.

  • Industry Expert Instructor
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CS ANOOP JAIN (15 Years experience)

CS PALLAV GOEL (8 Years experience)

CS RAJESH NEGI (15 Years experience)

CS KARAN KUMAR (12 Years experience)

Prof. HEMANT GUPA (5 Years experience)

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